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Laser epilation is the fastest and most healthy way of getting rid of unwanted hair. The wave length of the laser light employed in this method can be absorbed by the melanin pigment. Thanks to this process performed with a cooling system-equipped technique, the laser heat is transformed into a thermal form that directly eliminates the hair follicles without disturbing the skin.


What is Laser Epilation?


Laser Epilation Information Form
Before the Laser Epilation Session:
1- The skin area to be treated with laser epilation should not be tanned by sunlight or solarium and should be as close to the actual skin color of the patient as possible.

2- No waxing, picking with tweezers, epilator or any other follicle-removing treatment should be applied during the last 20 days on the hairs at bodily sites that will receive laser epilation.

3- The hairs becoming longer may be shortened with razor blade or scissors (face hairs) at least 3 days prior to the session.

4- No yellowing, coloring etc should be applied to hairs that will be treated with laser epilation.

5- Any peeling applied to the skin (such as retinoic acid, glycolic acid) should be abandoned before the treatment.

6- No make-up should be left on the skin during laser treatment.

After the Laser Epilation Session:
1- Until two days after the laser treatment, the body should not be exposed to the direct sunlight and solarium. In case of unavoidable contact with sunlight (especially for facial shadow), creams with high protection factor (SPF 30) should be used.

2- Skin tanned with sunlight or solarium between the sessions will prevent the next session if the skin has not gained its original color until the next treatment and this session will be scheduled to a later time when skin approaches to its normal color.
3- A warm bath may be taken immediately after the laser epilation treatment. Scrubbing, peeling and any other application that would destroy the skin should not be performed for a period of one week after the treatment.

4- Erythema may naturally occur on the bodily site treated with laser epilation for a variable period ranging from 1 hour to a couple of days according to the person’s sensitivity of the skin.

5- Any blister, infrequent incrustation and acne occurring on the bodily site treated after the session requires no treatment and naturally disappears.

6- Follicles of hairs treated with laser epilation start to slightly grow longer and shed in 3 to 10 days or easily come out by handling.

7- Session intervals are 4 weeks for the face area and 8 weeks for other bodily parts.

8- Average number of laser epilation sessions is 4-6 for bodily sites and 6-12 for the face area. This number may vary by the skin and hair structure. Hormonal disorders may impact the frequency of sessions.

9- Hair density is reduced by 15-20% at every session, however such reduction can be observed clearly only after 3 sessions. If you attend the sessions regularly, you will get rid of the hair trouble just after the first session.

10- You are entitled to a free checkup between the 15th and 20th days following every session for large bodily parts (arm-leg-back-chest-genital) (Checkups performed after the 20th day adversely impact the course of the treatment). As to small bodily parts, there is no need to perform any checkup as it has no contribution to the course of the treatment.


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